73bWe adhere to high standards when designing and building our cabinets. We think of the product usage and durability needed for each project.


We build framed cabinetry out of solid hardwood and veneer core hardwood plywood. Face frames are typically 3/4″ thick, with 3/4″ thick flush finished ends and 1/2″ thick construction throughout the rest of the cabinet box. Strength is locked in using blind mortise and tenon joinery, high strength wood glue in dadoes and at contact points, and deep thread wood screws. This makes for very sturdy, very robust cabinetry. Staples are used sparingly, and only to hold squareness until the glue dries.

Our cabinetry is designed and built with the cabinet installer in mind. Our joinery methods allow for up to 1/4″ scribing at the sides, back, and floor to accommodate untrue walls and floors. Finished ends are shipped with protector strips and metal buttons to guard against chip out during handling and transport. Shelves are shipped inside of each cabinet, lightly pinned to prevent movement before being adjusted in the field.


All our drawer boxes feature dovetail joinery with 5/8 inch thick solid wood sides, fronts and backs, and 1/4 inch thick plywood bottoms dadoed into the sides all the way around. Drawers glide out and close softly using concealed, undermount glides. We offer an abundant array of options for fitting out drawers:

  • wood cutlery dividers with thin profile dividers and custom configurations
  • Removable dividers for flexibility
  • Hanging files
  • Spice drawer organizers
  • Keurig cup organizers
  • Pots and pans organizing systems for deep drawers
  • Knife storage
  • Accent wood for drawer boxes for a striking contrast (i.e. Walnut drawers with painted cabinetry)


Our cabinetry takes on a very different appearance depending on the hinge style chosen. For overlay hinging, we use a drilled 35mm hinge with soft closing function. For inset hinging, both concealed and decorative hinge options are available. Concealed hinges include the soft close feature, and decorative hinges are either a free swing hinge with earth magnet cushioned closure, or free swing hinge with a traditional magnetic catch closure.


All of our shelves are cut from three-quarter inch thick natural birch or maple veneer core hardwood plywood. Shelves rest on durable metal shelf pins which are height adjustable in pre-drilled holes. For applications like bookcases and open cabinets, we offer decorative shelf edges and even thicker shelves for enhanced strength.


We provide the finest in pull out drawers for base cabinets, pantries, and other applications where accessibility is important. Our pull out drawers begin with the same quality dovetail drawer boxes as our other drawers, using solid maple pilasters to provide height adjustment. An innovative metal bracket system for mounting these pull out drawers allows them to be adjusted quickly and easily using NO TOOLS whatsoever!


We also offer a wide range of functional accessories such as waste can pullouts with soft closure, can storage and spice pullouts, pantry pullouts, and an abundance of other choices. We seek out the best value of accessories for use in our cabinetry.


We offer a wide variety of door and drawer front styles in a host of different wood species. Wood specie doors are crafted as 5-piece construction (mortise and tenon joinery or mitered joinery depending on door style). Our painted finishes are typically applied to a one piece MDRF door. In some cases, we apply paint to doors that use true five piece construction with a floating MDRF panel, similar to the construction of our wood specie doors.



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